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Summer experiences in Val Gardena

Booking a green week at the Hotel Tyrol means experiencing the Unexpected Selva di Val Gardena at first hand and discovering the reasons that have made it the most sought-after mountain destination in the world, not only during the winter. Summer in Val Gardena means an active holiday that regenerates body and soul: among forests, alpine meadows, local flora and fauna, with the beautiful Dolomites as a backdrop, you will experience feelings of well-being that you had forgotten you could feel. Summer, in fact, is the best period to discover the unique beauties that Selva di Val Gardena can offer you, from nature to culture, passing through tradition, food and wine, taste, craftsmanship and art.

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Unexpected Sports

Relaxation, adrenaline and nature are mixed together in a fascinating mix of experiences, designed to discover the most unexpected and exciting side of Selva di Val Gardena. Add one of these experiences to your green week and treat yourself to a unique stay discovering the hidden beauties of our valley.

  • Paragliding Val Gardena experience

    • A paragliding flight over the Dolomites? Hotel Tyrol is also this. After an exciting hike to reach the flight site on Mont de Sëura, you will start your descent until you land in front of Monte Pana, above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena. You will live the unique and relaxing experience of flying over green pastures and surrounding forests, protected by the majestic mountains of Val Gardena.

  • Fat Bike

    • A paragliding flight over the Dolomites? Hotel Tyrol is also this. After an exciting hike to reach the flight site on Mont de Sëura, you will start your descent until you land in front of Monte Pana, above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena. You will live the unique and relaxing experience of flying over green pastures and surrounding forests, protected by the majestic mountains of Val Gardena.

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Outdoor Excursions

Active tourism is the best way to appreciate, discovering in the field, all the small treasures hidden in a territory. For those who want to discover what makes Selva di Val Gardena so unexpected and unique, the Outdoor Excursions organized by the Hotel Tyrol are the ideal solution!

  • Tour of the lakes

    • Exciting tour to discover a series of small alpine lakes that were created after the last ice age: Lagustel Lake (1824 m), Holy Lake (2096 m), Iman Lake (2200 m). After immersing yourself in the green meadows of the Puez-Odle Nature Park, you will be taken to the new UNESCO Cinema at Seceda: the best vantage point to appreciate the natural heritage of humanity that surrounds you.

  • Val Gardena Horse experience

    • Horse or carriage ride through the high plateaus of Val Gardena to the Alpe di Siusi. Enjoy the breath-taking panorama of the Dolomites on the saddle of your horse and live an unforgettable experience.

  • Among dragons and legends: hike to Lake Crespeina

    • The hike starts at the Danterceppies cable car and takes you to the Crespeina Lake after several trails. A fairy tale landscape awaits you, worthy of the stories that revolve around this magical place. Legend has it that in this alpine lake dwelled a rather irascible dragon, that every time he lost his temper, he used to slam his tail so hard into the water, to create gigantic waves. But the legends do not end here, if you are fans of myths and fairy traditions, add this experience to your stay to discover all the secrets of the area.

  • From Passo Gardena to the Pisciadù: Visit to the incredible alpine lake and the ancient refuge

    • Outdoor excursion to the discovery of the Pisciadù: an adventurous trekking in the heart of the Sella Group, which will amaze your eyes with enchanting views. Visit to the alpine lake of Pisciadù and stop at the old Franco Cavazza refuge at Pisciadù, built in 1903 and which still today delights its guests with tasty traditional local dishes.

  • Santa Cristina experience

    • Santa Cristina Valgardena is the smallest municipality of Val Gardena, famous for its master cabinetmakers, skilled sculptors who have created the largest handcrafted wooden nativity scene in the world. The experience includes a visit to the workshop of one of the craftsmen who made the famous crib, who will tell you the secrets of woodworking and the techniques used to build the various characters. It will also be possible to book custom-made creations or purchase the extraordinary works on display in the workshop.

  • Unexpected Dolomites: visit to the Castle of Stetteneck

    • Did you know that Val Gardena is also a land of castles? In addition to the incredible natural beauty, there are countless man-made beauties that tell and bear witness to the ancient history of this area. The excursion "Unexpected Dolomites" will lead you to the discovery of one of these wonders: the Stetteneck Castle. The castle, which is medieval in origin, was only discovered in the 2000s thanks to Karl Felix Wolff's South Tyrolean sagas (a collection of traditional legends), which have inspired numerous hikers to search for the remains of this ancient wonder.

  • Gilfenklamm experience: the spectacular Stanghe waterfalls

    • The waterfalls of Stanghe are a true natural monument created by the lush waters of the Rio Racines, which carving deep into the rock, has created one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe. The gorges were made accessible at the end of the 19th century by order of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, and today are a favorite destination for hikers and nature lovers. Thanks to small paths, panoramic terraces, piers and stairways, it will seem to be in an adventure park but built by the force of nature. A fun and fascinating experience even for children.

  • Merano Thermal Baths experience

    • The Merano Thermal Baths are one of the largest and oldest thermal complexes in Europe, dating back over 200 years. They became famous thanks to Princess Sissi, wife of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, who fell in love with Merano and its thermal baths from the first time she set foot there. The large size (7,650 m²), the 13 indoor pools, as well as saunas, SPA and fitness areas, have then made possible the continuation of its charm until today. After a relaxing day, you cannot miss a walk through the beautiful gardens of Schloss Trauttmansdorff, which, with their incredible views, were one of Princess Sissi's favorite places for her walks. An experience of relaxation and history, unique in its kind.

  • Elikos: private transfer helicopter Selva - Milan (return)

    • Anyone who has seen movies of the Dolomites filmed from above, can not have dreamed of one day to see live so much beauty. Majestic peaks, colors that seem to have been painted by a great painter, small alpine lakes hidden among the rocks and a panorama that would be the envy of the best movies. Thanks to the partnership between the Hotel Tyrol and Elikos, that dream can now become reality. Whether it's to avoid the traffic of the small mountain roads or for a panoramic trip, a private helicopter transfer is the ideal solution for those who want to make their stay as comfortable as possible. The experience includes a return flight from Selva to Milan, for business trips or to enjoy a day of shopping in the streets of the center, without sacrificing the relaxation and comfort that characterize your vacation at Hotel Tyrol.

  • Monte Pana Zipline experience

    • Thrills, adrenaline and the thrill of flying into the void: have you ever tried a zipline? It is a zip line that connects two points at two different heights, to which you are tied with a harness, and then "fly" into the void. An experience that is already incredible in itself, imagine if done in the Dolomites. With this idea Gabriel Kostner, expert pilot and rescuer of the Aiut Alpin Dolomites and Elikos and former skier Peter Runggaldier, have created this experience in collaboration with the Hotel Tyrol. Flying at high speed (almost 100km/h) over forests and valleys for over a kilometer and a half with an enviable view, is an experience that, if you are passionate about active tourism, you can not miss during your stay.

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Family Adventures

Summer in the mountains with the family is the perfect opportunity to take an adventure trip and discover the charm of being in direct connection with the surrounding nature. The curiosity of the little ones is pure energy that guides the whole family on an active vacation, discovering the most fascinating secrets hidden in an area. Hotel Tyrol, which has always been close to the needs of the whole family, has organized the best experiences to involve children and teens in the discovery of the Unexpected Selva di Val Gardena.

  • Val Gardena train and visit to the Museum Gherdëina

    • A pleasant walk on the picturesque path that connects Ortisei to Selva di Val Gardena, through the route, once traveled by the ancient railway "Ferata de Gherdëina". Among woods, meadows, the Hotel Tyrol (which we will meet along the way), bronze sculptures made by local craftsmen and graphs showing how much snow has fallen since 1951, there will be plenty of attractions to discover. There is also a visit to the Museum Gherdëina (Museum of Val Gardena) where works of art and sculptures, but also toys, minerals, fossils of the Dolomites and unique archaeological finds, will continue to feed the curiosity of children and adults alike.

  • Fantastic animals: thematic path to the discovery of the animals hidden in Val Gardena

    • Val Gardena is the natural habitat of many incredible wild animals such as deer, stoats, owls, squirrels, marmots. Being wild animals that live free, it is often difficult to meet them, because they hide frightened by man. From this idea and thanks to the collaboration with the Professional School for Craftsmanship of Ortisei, the idea of creating a thematic path in which walking, you can meet life-size wooden reproductions of local animal species. A fun journey to discover nature and the incredible species that live in the woods around Selva, for a nice family day out.

  • Towards the Earth Pyramids of Renon

    • Did you know that there are pyramids in the high plateaus of South Tyrol? They are the earth pyramids of Renon, created by melting glaciers during the Ice Age and composed of moraine clay: a miracle of nature that is about 25,000 years old. They are tall columns of solidified debris, each with a large stone on top, which serves to protect them from natural erosion due to rain and to allow them to grow higher and higher during rainfall. If the stone were to fall, the entire column would collapse but, as happens every time, a new one would be created after a short while. Hotel Tyrol, in collaboration with the best local guides, organizes this experience to discover one of the most fascinating natural monuments in the world. We start from Collalbo following a very flat path, so much so that it is easily passable even with a stroller, which will take you to the discovery of the most beautiful and highest earth pyramids in Europe.

  • Uhrerhof experience: walk through Europe's highest rose garden and visit the windmills

    • An experience of peace and quiet that will help you reconnect with nature, among the treasures hidden in the hamlet of Bulla. We will visit the highest rose garden in Europe (1500 m), with its 6000 roses of over 250 different species, a sensory refuge with a view of the Val Gardena Dolomites. Nature but also tradition and craftsmanship. In addition to the rose garden, our journey will lead us to the discovery of the old mills of Bulla of the 18th - 19th century, the characteristic profession of the miller and the way of life of those times.

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White magic

Blankets of pure white, forests cocooned in snow, and the Dolomites with a silver hue. Our windows overlook a white landscape that goes on forever. With its fir trees and silence, ice crystals and immaculate tiny villages, in the winter Val Gardena offers the unique thrill of skiing in an untainted environment, and the chance to spot a stoat or a snowdrop.

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Selva Val Gardena

Selva Val Gardena is located at the foot of the Sella and Langkofel Group and at the very edge of the Puez - Odle Natural park: a jewel of the Dolomites. This mountain town is one of the privileged destinations for those who love hiking, mountain biking, and winter sports. During the summer, the “Hero” MTB-Marathon Cup is held, a difficult and attractive agonistic MTB race, and the FIS Ski World Cup in the winter. Characterized by the typical Tyrolean houses, the country still transmits a culture that is strongly connected to the territory and to the Ladin traditions. Selva is not only to be visited, but above all to be experienced in its nature and in the pleasant world of shopping.

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The Dolomites

The Dolomites are unique mountains. Also called the “Pale Mountains” for the light colour of their rocks, they are not only an incomparable landscape but also impact and mould the character of the inhabitants of its valleys. All aspects of life, from the climate to social organization, are somehow linked to the Dolomites.

The history of their formation is as fantastic as their appearance. During the Second Alpine Orogeny, the endogenous forces exposed ancient sediments and then created the conditions for the growth of the coral reefs that make up our mountains.

Today the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located geographically and almost entirely in the territory known as “Ladinia” or the valleys where the Ladin language is spoken. In Ladin a uniquely Dolomite phenomenon is described: Alpenglow (in Ladin from Val Gardena “nrosadura”). This is a bright pink colour in all of the shades of red, from pale pink to intense purple. This phenomenon can be observed at dawn and dusk and is an unforgettable memory for those who have seen it.

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