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Winter experiences in Val Gardena

The Hotel Tyrol is the first hotel designed to experience the astonishing Selva di Val Gardena first-hand, allowing you to discover what makes it the most desirable mountain destination in the world. As well as a convenient location for winter sport enthusiasts, positioned right on the Sellaronda ski slopes (a 20-second walk from the ski lift!), the Hotel Tyrol also offers a series of unique and unexpected experiences.

Selva di Val Gardena contains some of the most incredible, sought-after secrets in the world in myriad areas: nature, culture, tradition, food and wine, flavours, craftsmanship, art and more.

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Unexpected Sports

It is the time to know the most adrenaline side of Selva di Val Gardena. For those looking for exciting experiences, in direct connection with the pristine nature of the valley, the offer of Hotel Tyrol is really diverse. Add one of these experiences to your stay and make your white holiday unique to explore the Unexpected Selva di Val Gardena.

  • Gardena Valley Paragliding Experience

    • First the escursion up to the spectacular Mont de Sëura, than the descent with two-seater paragliding and landing on Monte Pana (Santa Cristina). You will be able to observe from an eagle perspective, the incredible snowy landscape extending at the foot of the Sassolungo.
      When: every day
      Where: depending on the flight
      Duration: depending on the flight


  • Fat Bike Tyrol Experience

    • Ascent with the hystoric Dantercepies cable car, dating back to 1915, up to the summit of the mountain, to then descend with a fat bike from the spectacular snowy tracks and live a breath-taking experience. The activity can be done by children too.
      When: every day
      Where: Dantercepies or Ciampinoi
      Duration: half a day

  • Ski Experience with a Champion

    • Peter Ranggaldier “Runghi”, once alpine skier (in the 90s member of the speed Italian team “Italjet”), winner of a silver medal and of a super-G World Cup, is today a Ski Istructor and a Private Guide. Live the unique and unrepeatable experience of learning the secrets of the fast skiing from an international champion.
      When: every day
      Where: Sella Ronda
      Duration: one day

  • Cross-country Ski Paradise

    • The Gardena Valley, with more than 133 km of different difficulties tracks, is the paradies for Cross-country skiers: the Vallunga in Selva di Val Gardena, the Pana Mount in Santa Cristina and the Siusi Alps, are a spectacle to be tried at least once in a life time. Thank yo the partnership between Hotel Tyrol and the ski school of the area, it will be possible to book a guide or an instructor that will accompany you in the various paths for individual or groups lessons.
      When: every day
      Where: Val Gardena
      Duration: half a day

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Outdoor Excursions

Active tourism is the best way to appreciate, discovering in the field, all the small treasures hidden in a territory. For those who want to discover what makes Selva di Val Gardena so unexpected and unique, the Outdoor Excursions organized by the Hotel Tyrol are the ideal solution!

  • Santa Cristina experience

    • Excursions in the woods with Roman, an expert naturalist born and grown up between the mountains. As a skilled hunter, he knows the nature and its secrets, all hidden corners of the Valley that even some hoc gardenese did not yet seen. He will tell you stories and legends of Selva, of the valley and our mountains, making the younger guests fell in love with his adventures. Based on the hunting calendar, it will be also possible to accompany Roman during the hunting season per a collective session.

  • Snowshoeing from Col Raiser under the Odle

    • An expert mountain guide will take you through the deep snow-covered mountain landscapes of the Puez-Odle National Park, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage. It will be the occasion to breath the silence, perceive nature in its perfection and admire the mountains in their winter vest.

  • Sealskins

    • This mountain experience was born from the ancient name of a tool used in the progress and the tightness of skies during alpine skiing climb. You will live the emotion of practising alpine skiing in the heart of the Dolomites: a journey between pure and pristine landscapes to understand the true essence of this mountains.

  • Merano Thermal Baths Experience

    • Departure for the famous Merano Thermal Baths, also called Princess Sissi Thermae: rumour has it Sissi loved in a particular way the city of Merano and she was infatuated by its marvellous and unique baths. In fact, this thermal structure is among the largest and ancient of Europe with its 200 years of history and its 13 indoor pools.

  • Elikos: helicopter private transfer Selva – Milan (Round-trip)

    • The Alps are the perfect place to ski but tortuous passes and traffic, when we talk about driving, changes everything. Why driving when you can fly? Tring to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we offer you the chance to reach in a short time Milan by helicopter. Fly over the Dolomites with a sensational view, declared more than deservedly, World Heritage. Without compromising relax and comfort, whether it be for working needs or for a shopping day in the city centre streets, this is the best solution to move around during your holiday.

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Family Adventures

Wenn es darum geht, etwas Neues zu entdecken, kommen wir nicht umhin, die Kleinen mit einzubeziehen. Das Hotel Tyrol, das seit jeher ein besonderes Augenmerk auf Familien legt, hat ein gezieltes Angebot an Erlebnissen vorbereitet, dass Kinder und Jugendliche direkt mit einbezieht, damit sie sich schon früh in die Berge und insbesondere in Wolkenstein verlieben.

  • Val Gardena train and visit to the Museum Gherdëina

    • A beautiful walk in the nature following the track of the old railway “Ferata de Gherdëina”, connecting the towns of Ortisei to Selva Val Gardena, whose trails passes by Hotel Tyrol. At the end of the walk you will visit the Museum Gherdëina (the museum of the Gardena Valley), the first post-war museum in South Tyrol, keeper of stories and local traditions, as well as archive for the entire valley’s cultural memory.

  • Mount Pana Zipline Experience

    • Born from the self-initiative of Gabriel Kostner, expert pilot and Aiut Alpin and Elikos rescuer, and Peter Runggaldier, ex skier, “Monte Pana Zipline” is one of the most funny and adrenaline-fueled activities of the area. It is almost like flying: hanging from a harness, you will whiz in the void at high speed, by your self or in couple, flying over woods and valleys for more than a mile and half (from the top of Mont de Seura down to Monte Pana, with more than 500 meters of difference in altitude.

Hotel Tyrol Selva Val Gardena Dolomiti Tyrol Daniel J Schwarz Qoglpg8eqpc Unsplash

Green magic

Expansive meadows, enchanted forests, and the Dolomites with a pink hue. Our windows overlook an infinite expanse of green. With its glades and pastures, geraniums and alpine farmsteads, Val Gardena in summer offers the unique thrill of spotting a deer or a marmot or catching a glimpse of an edelweiss.

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Selva Val Gardena

Selva Val Gardena is located at the foot of the Sella and Langkofel Group and at the very edge of the Puez - Odle Natural park: a jewel of the Dolomites. This mountain town is one of the privileged destinations for those who love hiking, mountain biking, and winter sports. During the summer, the “Hero” MTB-Marathon Cup is held, a difficult and attractive agonistic MTB race, and the FIS Ski World Cup in the winter. Characterized by the typical Tyrolean houses, the country still transmits a culture that is strongly connected to the territory and to the Ladin traditions. Selva is not only to be visited, but above all to be experienced in its nature and in the pleasant world of shopping.

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The Dolomites

The Dolomites are unique mountains. Also called the “Pale Mountains” for the light colour of their rocks, they are not only an incomparable landscape but also impact and mould the character of the inhabitants of its valleys. All aspects of life, from the climate to social organization, are somehow linked to the Dolomites.

The history of their formation is as fantastic as their appearance. During the Second Alpine Orogeny, the endogenous forces exposed ancient sediments and then created the conditions for the growth of the coral reefs that make up our mountains.

Today the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located geographically and almost entirely in the territory known as “Ladinia” or the valleys where the Ladin language is spoken. In Ladin a uniquely Dolomite phenomenon is described: Alpenglow (in Ladin from Val Gardena “nrosadura”). This is a bright pink colour in all of the shades of red, from pale pink to intense purple. This phenomenon can be observed at dawn and dusk and is an unforgettable memory for those who have seen it.

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