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The wine cellar at Hotel Tyrol

The nectar of the gods, from South Tyrol and Tuscany

Discover the fabulous traditional South Tyrolean and noble Tuscan wines... choose from a wide selection of sought-after and famous labels for their sublime balance and magnificent structure: the opulent Cabernet Sauvignon, the elegant Pinot Nero, the buttery Chardonnay, the spicy Syrah, and the velvety Gewürztraminer.

Experiencing the intense hospitality of the Tyrol also means tasting our world-renowned wines accompanied by our Chef’s special delicacies or participating in wine tastings.

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Marika Rossi:
TyVin’s Sommelier

Fascinated since childhood by nature and its deep, exciting, and often curious character, Marika Rossi has taken this passion to its highest expression, encapsulating it in the glasses of wine she offers our guests.

A passion that accompanies her in her search for producers who follow the same philosophy as her, discovering organic and biodynamic labels, hidden vines, and indigenous varieties, alongside the mono varietals and the blends that have made history. A collection of different emotions and experiences in each glass, to delight the tastes of every palate, from the most demanding to the most refined


The TyVin BOX project was born to feel close to our guests during the period of restrictions and closures for Covid. A home-winetasting but guided by sending a monthly newsletter containing a selection of wines, labels and pairings, prepared by our Sommelier Marika Rossi.

Considering the success of the initiative and the exclusive price reserved for the many members of our large family, we have decided to continue with this activity, even with the reopening of the main activities to the public.


Each month we will prepare a selection of 6 bottles of wines that follow a common style or a specific theme.

Each TyVin BOX is followed by a description of the producers and the wines and is always available to everyone who requests previous editions to those currently on offer. It is also possible to personalise the TyVin BOXes according to the tastes of a friend or partner to whom you want to give a wine-flavoured surprise.

South Tyrol: sparkling, white, red and... Sweet!

  • 2014 Pas Dosè, Franz Haas
  • 2018 Yellow Muscat, Castel Sallegg
  • 2017 Chardonnay, Glassierhof
  • 2017 Lagrein "di Ora in Ora", Carlotto Ferruccio
  • 2015 Pinot Noir, Maso Thaler
  • 2018 Rose Muscat, Franz Haas

170 euros

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Chardonnay mon amour

  • 2015 Comitissa Pas Dosè Riserva, Lorenz Martini
  • 2019 Kalgenstein, Baron Longo
  • 2017 Sanct Valentin, San Michele Appiano 
  • 2015 Barrique, Stachlburg
  • 2015 Seppellaia, Eichenstein
  • 2010 Donà d'Or, Hartmann Donà

220 euros

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Pinot Noir challenges the mountains

  • 2019 N9, Dornarch
  • 2018 Monticol, Terlan Winery
  • 2018 Mason, Manincor
  • 2017 Pinot Noir, Marinushof
  • 2016 Blauburgunder, Falkenstein
  • 2015 Matan Riserva, Pfitscher

170 euro

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The king of aromatic grapes 

  • 2019 Gewürztraminer, Dorfmann
  • 2018 Gewürztraminer, In Der Eben
  • 2018 Kolbenhof Gewürztraminer, J. Hofstätter
  • 2018 Plon Gewürztraminer, Weinberghof
  • 2016 Lunare Gewürztraminer, Cantina di Terlano
  • and a sparkling surprise to toast CUPIDO!

190 euro

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TyVIN delivery

Want to buy a specific wine? Try TyVin Delivery, the Hotel Tyrol's wine delivery service to receive wines from the TyVin cellar directly to your home.

  • organic
  • biodynamic
  • my favourites

Orders of 6, 12, 18 and 24 bottles with mixed references are accepted. The service is available for the whole Italian territory without shipment costs.

For deliveries to other countries, special requests and advices on purchases: or +39 0471 774100