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Culinary novelty: Suinsom is Tyrol's new restaurant!

Suinsom, in the Ladin from Gardena, means 'at the top'.

‘The top is the highest point, the goal of a route that often presents difficulties but whose achievement repays all your efforts. It is the point where you enjoy the best view, the place where you dream of new heights to climb, the starting point for new horizons and new challenges.’ Bibiana & Maurizio.

The Suinsom began, in fact, as the highest point of a long route of seeking out excellence in the field of hospitality and cuisine, which for more than 50 years has been a feature of the Tyrol through the tireless work of Bibiana and Maurizio and, before them, their aunt and uncle Frida and Karl.

Today, this route features as a protagonist the young Chef Alessandro Martellini and his team, called to a new challenge to bring together innovation and creativity with the tradition of an awesome place dominated by the spirit of the mountains.

The quality of their materials is shown through attention to the freshness of the ingredients to guarantee only excellence. In the new Suinsom, we operate with close attention to the techniques of cooking and preparation for a cuisine that remembers its traditions. The attentive hospitality and service, with a family touch and refined by the Tyrol in an intimate and characterising environment: local wood more than 200 years old, two authentic stubens (wood-panelled rooms), valuable fabrics and a relaxed atmosphere.

At the SUINSOM you’ll enjoy yourself. 

At the SUINSOM you’ll be surrounded by the freshness and authenticity of an extraordinary, all-around experience.

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Hours: 19.00 – 21.30
Summer: Closed on Mondays and Tuesday
Winter: Closed on Mondays
Always open during peak season
Reservations: +39 0471 774100