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Dear Guest, welcome back!

Hotel Tyrol has always had as priority the cleanliness and the hygiene. For a safer vacation we integrated new hygiene procedures.

Our new experience program to discover Val Gardena will give you the possibility to live the Dolomites and the territory around them in an exceptional way.

Before your arrival, you can check-in on-line. During your stay chirurgical masks are mandatory whenever the distance of one meter cannot be maintained. At the reception a thermoscanner checks the temperature of every guest. Furthermore, in the hotel’s strategical points, hand-sanitizer is placed for your use.

Through the recent arrangement of the dining room, we were able to distance every table and moreover, we organized the breakfast with a combination of buffet and table service.

Together with our team we worked on how to keep our weekly events, integrating them with new safety measures.

The hotel’s cleaning procedure were integrated with the use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide in 3% water solution, as given from the circular of the Ministry of Health Nr. 5443 of February 22nd 2020.

Every room is cleaned after the highest cleaning standards and disinfected after very departure. The laundry is washed at 90°C.

The wellness area is open. Saunas and Turkish-baths with temperature over 60°C can be used individually or by guests belonging to the same cohabiting family unit or staying in the same room. Paravis staff members use chirurgical masks, gloves and during close treatments also a visor. The gym is available upon requests. Between sessions our staff will take 40 minutes to clean and sanitize the room.

We all in Tyrol follow the rule of measuring temperature daily and sanitizing hands, we get tested regularly and get updated continuously in regards to hygiene and safety.

Our promise is for you to feel at home away from home!

We wait for you!