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Tyrol, a consolidated success among the hotels in Selva Val Gardena

When tradition, hospitality, and passion come together

Even today, when you cross over the threshold of one of the most prestigious hotels in Selva di Val Gardena you will be overcome by the genuine sensation of familiarity and hospitality that was felt in the middle of the last century, when Selva was just a small group of old farmsteads spread out in an enchanted valley and the Tyrol was one of the only places for travellers and tourists.

But let’s go in order.

Once upon a time...

In 1964 husband and wife, Karl Malloyer and Frida Kasslatter - she the last descendant of a family of hotel-owners in Bulla and he a skilled businessman - purchased land from the Countess of Wolkenstein and built Hotel Tyrol, with the inauguration taking place 2 years later.

Passion, research, and renewal over the years

The hotel soon became a preferred spot for mountain holidays for illustrious guests such as Italian President of the Republic Sandro Pertini, entrepreneurs, and aristocrats. In 1978, work began to expand the hotel, to further enhance the Tyrol with new rooms, an indoor pool and a cutting edge SPA. For Frida and Karl, the work seasons alternated with trips around the world, a boundless source of new experiences, knowledge, and insights capable of fine-tuning their professionalism as hotel owners and art lovers. During the years that followed, their niece Bibiana began working with her aunt and uncle at the Tyrol, learning more about the art of hospitality on a daily basis until she became a perfect hostess.

Passing the baton in the spirit of tradition

During the following years, various renovations and improvements consolidated Hotel Tyrol’s role as a sought-after destination among the hotels in Val Gardena and Alto Adige, for vacationers from throughout the world.

In 1989, Bibiana met a special guest who was staying at the Tyrol. He came from Tuscany and she would end up marrying him. Thus began a new era for Hotel Tyrol in which the new spouses, Bibiana and Maurizio, took over for Frida and Karl. In 1994, their son Emanuele was born, an heir to two cultures: Alto Adige and Tuscan.

Today Bibiana and Maurizio, along with Emanuele, driven by their boundless passion for hospitality and with the collaboration of a close-knit team, help their guests enjoy unforgettable experiences among the imposing Dolomite landscapes, steeped in tradition and charm: the culture of wood, the typical Tyrolean dress, and the conviviality of the festivals. These are all essential elements at the Tyrol, where a warm family atmosphere of yesteryear is felt throughout the year.