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Culinary Philosophy

Feel free to choose where you will eat: in the elegant Suinsom, in the spacious and well-lighted restaurant Tyrol, or in the informal Ty Bistro. In all of our restaurants you will find dishes prepared according to our philosophy that will delight your palate.

Freshness and quality, our key words

The selection and pursuit of products is an important part of our chefs’ responsibilities to ensure maximum quality and wholesomeness, any time of the year.

Our highly selected raw materials are chosen almost exclusively from local producers, except for the fish, which comes fresh from the Tuscan sea. Our fresh pasta and bread, sweets and jams, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and high quality meats and cheeses are the stars of our cuisine.

We pamper our guests, any time of the day.

Chef Alessandro Martinelli personally takes care of the first leavening of the products offered for breakfast. After a walk in the fresh air in the Dolomites, we offer quick, tasty, and light dishes so you can return to your favourite activities in no time at all.

In the evening you can enjoy tasty aperitifs and a full dinner, which in evenings dedicated to the respective culinary traditions of the owners is fully expressed in Tyrol hospitality: a tasting menu in a mixed style from Val Gardena to Valdorcia.

To help you choose, we will guide you with our “La Usc dl Tyrol”, the small newsletter that discusses the various specials of the week and food and wine events not to be missed.

Each week the culinary events are particularly rich and inviting, from the sweets and desserts buffet to the typical Ladin snack in a truly unique location: our cabin.

Food allergies and intolerances: flavour without barriers

All of our menus are created with fresh and balanced ingredients from a nutritional point of view, incorporating the vision of Tyrol heath and wellness, which is pursued in every detail. This also means looking out for our guests who suffer from coeliac disease or other food allergies and intolerances. Just inform the reception desk and we will be happy to provide you with the best dishes that suit your diet.