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Wood carving

wood carving in val gardena

Wood carving

South Tyrol is a suggestive and mysterious region rich in ancient traditions, many of which have survived till today and are respected and guarded like a veritable treasure.
Among them, wood carving plays a role of undeniable importance, to the point that South Tyrol is famous in Italy and worldwide for the beauty of its works.

The birth of this art certainly depends on the abundance of wooded areas in the region, which also explains why most of the typical buildings are made of wood.
Wood was originally worked for merely practical purposes, such as the creation of work tools or household utensils. But it soon became clear that the talent of the community was considerable. In fact, the South Tyrolese progressively improved the technique and the artefacts were more and more various and numerous.

Besides the simpler artefacts, such as decorative objects, picture frames and pendulum clocks, they started to create more complex items, especially related to religion (crucifixes, statues of saints and nativity scenes).
When children started to use the figurines of the nativity scene to play, the sector of toys started to develop.

The art of carving reached a level of excellence so high that a carving school was born in 1872 in Val Gardena.

Still today, the talent of the people of Val Gardena is appreciated worldwide and woodworking plays an important economic role for the region.
In the meantime, countless sectors have developed and tourists are always amazed by the beauty of the artefacts exposed in the shops: religious figurines, jewellery, kitchenware, clocks, ornaments, dolls, design items, gadgets (key rings, bookmarks…)
One thing is certain: you won’t go away empty-handed after your holidays in the Dolomites, in Val Gardena.
It will be an unforgettable experience that will be “carved” in your mind!
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