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Culinary delight at The Tyrol


The Tyrol has an excellent kitchen team who are happy to fulfill your specific wishes, as well as taking your allergies or intolerances to certain foods into consideration.

But above all our kitchen staff prepares the most fabulous menus from fresh, healthy, locally grown ingredients. From the highest quality products in Italy and also from fresh seafood on the coast of Tuscany.
Each week our culinary delicacies trump one another: fine Ladin menus, colorful Mediterranean or hearty Tyrolean ones, tempting sweats and dessert buffets. Popular seafood menus made with Tuscan recipes. The original Ladin snack at the hotel’s own mountain cabin.

The aperitif with irresistible appetizers. In addition a special dinner is organized as a highlight where all the culinary preferences of the hotel owners Bibiane and Maurizio are served. Indulge and enjoy!
In our small hotel‘s newspaper “La Usc di Tyrol” you will find information on the various weekly events. The different menus are mentioned as well as the gastronomic and oenological (wine) highlights. We look forward to spoiling you in the near future.