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Tyrolean Costume

traditional tyrolean costume

Tyrolean Costume

The customs and the traditions deeply rooted in the culture of South Tyrol contribute enormously to the beauty and the charm of this wonderful land.

In this regard, a special mention must be made of the suits and costumes of the local tradition, born in ancient times and become today a veritable symbol, to the point that you can find and buy them in many shops, together with other themed gadgets and accessories.

In the past, the way that a person was dressed up could provide precise clues about the land of origin (because each valley used certain colours), the social rank and the family.

There were also numerous accessories, such as headgear, scarves and bowknots. These last were even used by women to communicate their marital status: if the knot was oriented towards the left, this meant that the girl was single, while the right position meant that she already had a boyfriend or husband.
Today these costumes are mostly used on the occasion of public events (i.e. band concerts), folkloristic events or religious festivities.

The most known female costume is undoubtedly the “Dirndl”: while it can seem to be a simple garment, it was used by the higher classes and could even be very costly, if made skilfully.
Yes, you got it! It is the costume that women wear in the collective imagination: blouse with lace collar and sleeves, corset laced with ribbons and cords, voluminous skirt and apron.

The man instead wears: shirt, waistcoat and leather braces to hold up trousers, which could be long or short. In case of short trousers, white or coloured knee-length socks could also be worn.
Among the most common accessories, a broad leather belt embroidered with the rachises of peacock feathers.

The clothes for festive occasions had instead other peculiarities. All garments were black or darkly coloured: black jackets and accessories (hats, scarves, necklaces, feathers and ribbons) were worn in addition to the ordinary costume.

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