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Traditional recipes

traditional south tyrolean recipes

Traditional recipes

The reasons why we all love holidays are countless.
For a while, we forget about the everyday life, we spend enjoyable moments with our loved ones, we discover new cultures, we explore new territories, we embark on great adventures, we experience new lifestyles… and we taste delicious foods!!!
South Tyrol offers lots of delicious specialities to the most sophisticated palates.

Today we want to talk about “canederli”, which are one of the traditional first courses of South Tyrol. They look like huge dumplings (or small meatballs, depending on one’s point of view).
Eggs, flour, milk, diced stale bread, diced speck, chive and salt are the ingredients to make this mouth-watering recipe.

The simplicity of these ingredients (especially stale bread) makes us suppose that the recipe was born in the peasant families that lived in straitened circumstances and that had then to necessarily recover the food that would be otherwise wasted.

However, there is a curious tale that explains the birth of “canederli”.
It is said that one day a group of hungry Landsknechts burst into the house of a peasant family and threatened to set fire to every thing if they hadn’t prepared a meal for them. The family man was absent. Only his wife and his daughters were there. However, the woman didn’t lose heart. She soon got to work and ordered the girls to scrape together all the food available. The girls managed to gather stale bread, eggs, onions, speck, flour and some herbs from the garden. The women cut all these ingredients into small pieces, mixed them, created small balls with the mixture obtained and boiled them in salt water. The boss was so delighted by the excellent taste of the dish that he rewarded the woman with golden coins.

Since then, “canederli” have become one of the traditional dishes of South Tyrol. Still today, thousands of visitors are delighted by this tasty recipe.
You can taste them also in the restaurant of our hotel in the Dolomites, in Val Gardena.
They are served in meat broth or with a sauerkraut salad.
It’s definitely a “mouth-watering” experience!
You are welcome whenever you want!