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Local Asparagus

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Local Asparagus

When it comes to fine food and excellent cuisine, we often think of that kind of elaborate dishes that could threaten our physical fitness.
But when it comes to authentic, traditional cuisine, things are different! Of course, the taste remains one of the main features, but the recipes are far healthier and lighter, because they contain natural, fresh ingredients (that were the only ones available in the past).

Like every Italian region, South Tyrol offers plenty of natural products that are typical of the territory.
Apples are the most popular, but the list is very long.
For example, have you ever savoured the distinctive taste of asparagus?
There is an area in the province of Bolzano where considerable amounts of high-quality asparagus are cultivated: the so-called “triangle” formed by the city of Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce.
The asparagus of these area are so good that in the past the aristocrats of Bolzano used to go there to eat asparagus.

Not to mention the health benefits brought by calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other vitamins.
Today the cultivated area is of some one hundred thousand square meters.
Asparagus are traditionally served with Bolzano sauce and the so-called “prosciutto di Pasqua” (literally “Easter ham”).

The Bolzano sauce (whose name clearly shows that this product is typical of that city) is prepared with chopped boiled eggs, mustard, seed oil, vinegar, chives, salt and pepper.
The asparagus are instead boiled in a saucepan containing water, salt, butter, sugar and white wine and seasoned with some tablespoon of melted butter and parmesan cheese and accompanied by the Bolzano sauce.

To complete the dish, you can use some slices of “prosciutto di Pasqua” and, if you want, some boiled potatoes.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy nature in South Tyrol: not only through its wonderful landscapes, but also at the table, through delicious recipes.
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