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The Tyrol has a new logo

The Tyrol has a new logo

The Tyrol is a hotel that has been lovingly dedicated to the hospitality industry for 50 years, with a family-based, inclusive approach.

Now we are nearing the turning point of 50 years in the business, we have decided to restyle the graphic image to bring a fresh new and future-orientated look, without losing any of the history and natural elegance that have always been a characteristic part of the hotel.

Concepts such as “familiarity”, “tradition” and “elegance” are behind the redesign process.
The eagle was a starting point. Its characteristic features have always been an essential element of recognition of the Tyrol. This is why we decided not to disrupt the shape and to carry out a micro intervention, to lighten the design a little.

In homage to the “Tuscan part” of the hotel, a small graphic effect added to the end of the previous brand has transformed it into a lily (which, by some amazing coincidence already seemed to merge into the new shape). The red colour that can be referred back to both regions has been maintained.
We have reduced the size of the word “Hotel”, leaving more space to the word “Tyrol”, as an institutionalised concept that does not need to be explained.

The Tyrol is the Tyrol of our guests … their holiday home.

The typeface used has the task of transmitting the softness and familiarity that is such a part of the hospitable welcome offered by Bibiana and Maurizio.
And the year of opening has been given its rightful place as a primary element, in homage to this long love story: the TYROL.