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A magical atmosphere prevails in Val Gardena!

The Gherdëina Biennial

The Gherdëina Biennial

A magical atmosphere prevails in Val Gardena!
Wonderful landscapes, pure air, unspoiled nature…
Many elements contribute to the beauty of this wonderful region, but the Dolomites are certainly the most important. Without them, Val Gardena would not be the same.
Their beauty is pure art and they seem veritable sculptures!

Maybe this is the reason why sculpture is the main artistic and artisanal activity in Val Gardena.
The Gherdëina Biennial is a clear proof.
It is a contemporary art exhibition that takes place in the beautiful historical centre of Ortisei, in the pedestrian area. A specific itinerary is available, which affords spectacular views of the Dolomites and allows visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of the territory.

The sculptures themselves are not a mere artistic creation: they are made with the aim of interacting with the surrounding environment, being in harmony with its colours, its landscapes and its traits or contrasting with them.
In short, this kind of art not only reproduces reality: it also influences and shapes the environment, providing new levels of interpretation.

The Gherdëina Biennial is really original and evocative.

For example, you could see human-shaped sculptures placed in a green expanse, with their gazes to the sky and the Dolomites as background: you will have then the impression of being in front of a stunning picture depicting men in the flesh.

You will make a journey in your imagination, among enjoyable visual tricks, and you will be temporarily catapulted into a surreal world made not only of wood, but also of iron, aluminium, bronze, glass, stone and other materials that usually are not linked with sculpture.
So, don’t miss the fifth edition of this extraordinary event, from the 21st July to the 11th September 2016.
We will be happy to welcome you to the Tyrol Hotel, where you will enjoy other spectacular sceneries and picturesque landscapes, to spend a holiday surrounded by art.