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South Tyrolean Beers

South Tyrolean beers

South Tyrolean Beers

Have you ever wondered why men decided long ago to populate mountainous areas despite low temperatures and in spite of the “tortuosity” of the territory?
Well, it’s easy to guess the answer!
Nature is unspoiled and landscapes are breathtaking: it’s impossible to resist the beauty of alpine regions, no matter what difficulties there might be.
The population has easily adapted and the same goes for all human activities.

For example, the economy has always been mostly based on stockbreeding, which has lead to the production of the excellent local products that we all know: cold cuts, milk, cheese and butter.
Instead, farming activities have been mostly carried out to produce forage.
However, there are areas with favourable conditions for viticulture and consequently for wine making.

The inhabitants must be glad to have such an enjoyable solution to warm the cold nights in company of their friends or their loved ones.

The same goes for the plantations of barley and hop plants, which are basic ingredients to produce craft beer.
In fact, even though many people don’t know, beer has been produced for over one thousand years in South Tyrol.
This explains why the “Alto Adige” Quality Mark was created (“Alto Adige” is the Italian for “South Tyrol”). The quality mark guarantees the consumers the excellent South Tyrolean beers and requires that specific standards be met.
For example, beers must not be filtered. In this way, enzymes are not altered and the fermentation is optimum, which guarantees a rich taste and a strong aroma.
Last but not least, water is another element fundamental to produce beer. South Tyrol has plenty of springs that offer fresh and pure water, which is another key factor to produce the excellent South Tyrolean beers.

So, book an exclusive holiday in South Tyrol, admire the wonders of the mountain environment and dive into tradition by tasting typical products.
We would be glad to welcome you!