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The region of Alto Adige produces fruit of exceptional quality

South Tyrolean apples

South Tyrolean apples

The region of Alto Adige produces fruit of exceptional quality, true gifts of nature.
This is thanks to its geographical location and the richness of the soil, but also the passion of the growers is an equally important ingredient.
A love for the region pushes small and large companies to offer excellent products.

Among the products that best represent Alto Adige are apples of such high quality that they have the Mela Alto Adige IGP mark of quality.
There are 13 varieties with protected geographical indication, which explains why these apples are appreciated by millions of consumers, as well as representing an important part of the local economy.

The area devoted to growing fruit covers over 18,400 hectares.
Fruit growers in the region number around 7,000 and each owns an average of 2.5 to 3 hectares of land. One can only imagine the huge amount of fruit produced annually, around one million tonnes, which makes up half of Italian fruit production.

As mentioned earlier, the geographical position of Alto Adige is a key factor, since it ensures sunny days and cool nights, ideal conditions for ripening apples. In fact, the greater the temperature range, the greater the production of fructose.

Apples also promote health because they contain many minerals and vitamins, are low-calorie and so should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.
Not to mention all the delicious recipes that can be made with apples!
For example, strudel, which in turn is a symbol of Alto Adige in Italy and the rest of the world

What can I say! The beauty of Alto Adige not only surprises visitors with its wonders to explore, but also its authentic delights to sample.
Visit this beautiful region and book your unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites.
See you there!