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South Tyrol and its mills

South Tyrol and its mills

Excursions and strolls are a good way to admire the natural heritage of a certain region. They are also a good way to discover local traditions.
For example, it is easy to run across mills if you are exploring the territory of South Tyrol.

In ancient times, the construction of mills depended basically on two factors: firstly, the need to produce and process flour in a territory that was (and is) rich in cereal crops and secondly the strong presence of torrents and creeks in this specific region.

Some of these ancient mills can be visited still today.
For example, you can visit the mills in Bulla, near Ortisei.
The mill Zaramin is partly in ruins, while the mills Romanon and Droch have been restored and are functioning again.
Guided tours are also available to learn more about the ancient figure of the miller.

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