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snowshoeing in the dolomites


Do you love mountains? Then you love tranquillity, you love beautiful landscapes and nature, but you also love strong emotions and challenges.
In a nutshell, you love the Dolomites!

It’s not surprising that they represent one of the most popular destinations for mountain lovers.
Besides the beautiful feeling of peace they afford, mountain holidays are also a fair compromise between relaxation, rest and the opportunity to exercise or play sports.

Among the winter activities that people like the most, snowshoeing is ranking higher and higher.
Snowshoeing does not only represent a fun activity; it also provides many benefits for your health, because it strengthens your muscles, makes your joints more elastic, and improves your circulatory and respiratory functions. There are also psychical effects, because exploring the beauties of nature and walking in the open air, in contact with nature, instils a sense of relaxations and tranquillity.
Snowshoes (called “ciaspe” or “ciaspole” in South Tyrol) were invented to allow hunters and farmers to walk upon the surfaces covered with snow more easily, without sinking.

The first snowshoes consisted of a frame made of wood - an oval structure - with some holes along the edge, crossed by leather laces that were intertwined to form a sort of net. It called to mind a tennis racket.

The structure was put in contact with the sole of the shoe and fastened through some straps wrapped around the footwear, which made it possible to walk in the snow.
Probably unwittingly, the inventors of snowshoes used the famous principle of buoyancy.
Just as it happens for watercrafts, in fact, the snowshoes increase the surface in contact with the snow, which exerts an upward thrust that is more intense and causes “flotation”.
The modern snowshoes are more ergonomic, the materials used are more resistant and elastic. They can be bought in almost all sport shops.
The possibility to admire enchanting landscapes and the resistance offered by the snow have given birth to a sport activity that is widely appreciated and played.

The team of the Tyrol Hotel strongly recommends that you try this fantastic experience and enjoy the “Tyrol experience” offer.
You can also enter the suggestive woods in the Dolomites, explore the vegetation and the fauna and – why not? – follow the footprints of deer and roe deer.
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