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The benefits of the snow

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The benefits of the snow

It is often said that seasons are states of mind. It is quite impossible to disagree!
Nothing else could explain why many people would spend the rest of their lives on a tropical beach while many other love colder places and mountainous landscapes.
For the latter category, there’s no better place than the wonderful Dolomites (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to spend special holidays and unforgettable moments.

Inter alia, while all of us know the health effects of sunlight exposure, maybe not everybody knows that even the snow can have a positive impact on the mood and the psychological wellbeing.
In fact, according to the Huffington Post there are 8 reasons why the snow can make us happy. We want to share some of them with you.

Let’s start with the sense of magic and wonder that you feel when you see the snow that falls down gracefully and settles softly. This is particularly true if you live in geographical areas where snowfalls are rare.
And… what about the fantastic sense of calm and tranquillity instilled by the muffle sounds, the pale colours, the smooth and sinuous shape of the blanket?

Everything suggests silence and light-hearted moments!

What else? Ah… Raise your hands if you don’t feel like building a snowman or starting a snowball fight whenever you see the snow… it’s so exciting to relive one’s childhood for a while!
Moreover, seeing the snow all around you increases your awareness of the surrounding world and you start to appreciate the little things that you usually disregard: the pure air, the scents that are different and somehow fresher, the beauty of nature, with its cycles and its phenomena.

However, this list lacks an important point: the countless sports you can play in the snow, especially if you are on holidays!
So, if you want to spend unforgettable moments surrounded by the mountainous landscapes and breathtaking sceneries, just come here to the Tyrol Hotel.
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