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sledding in val gardena


There are thousands of fun activities you can do in the snow. Among them, sledding is certainly one of the most suggestive. Since you need to be sitting to do this activity, the sensation of stability is higher compared with skiing. This makes sledding a fun activity, easy for everyone and very appreciated by children.

Hurtling down the woods covered with snow among breath-taking landscapes, with the snow that is literally “shot” sideways and the fresh air whistling in your ears… an exciting adventure you can’t miss, an experience that makes you feel alive. Among curves and slopes, there are many natural tracks you can follow (some can be also very long) to live this stunning experience. Many of them, instead, are family friendly, so that you can spend unforgettable holidays in South Tyrol with your loved ones.

Sledding is an exciting activity if you do it in the morning… you can only imagine how spectacular it can be in the evening.

In fact, many tracks are opened overnight to make you live unique moments. Gliding on the snow under the starry sky and the moonlight, along the tracks illuminated by suggestive lights and torches is something indescribable.
Don’t miss this experience and dive into the tradition of Val Gardena: start again having fun like children!