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Paragliding & Hang Gliding

paragliding in south tyrol

Paragliding & Hang Gliding

If you have gone on holidays in the Dolomites at least once in your life, you know well the feelings evoked by the breath-taking landscapes, so beautiful that they seem to be unreal, almost immaterial.
If you think that the “Pale Mountains” are a natural masterpiece in “ordinary conditions”, you can only imagine the magic of seeing them from above!
Hang gliding and paragliding can make you live this fantastic experience!

Our hotel in South Tyrol gives the most reckless guests the possibility to play these exciting sports.
Once again, we are in front of the men’s desire to challenge nature, to go beyond his limits and (in the case of these two sports) to fly, which is definitely one of the greatest desires.
It’s no coincidence that these sports are mostly played in the Dolomites: in fact, it seems that the hot updrafts that originate in this area are particularly suitable for the take-off.

Actually, even a beginner can experience this thrill in our 4-star hotel: the so-called “tandem flights” are available, in which experienced “pilots” accompany and guide the guests.

Whoever has tried this experience or regularly plays this sport says it is indescribable, especially in the moment when the feet lose contact with the ground.
Don’t you think it is magical to be rocked and carried by the wind, change direction through the movements of your body, just like a bird… few sports can make you feel so free!
When the weather conditions are favourable, it is possible to fly even for hours: can you imagine a better opportunity for a complete overview on the Dolomites?

With respect to the main differences, the hang glider requires more time for the flying techniques to be mastered and it is slightly bulky, so it is more difficult to transport, while the paraglider can be easily put in a backpack. On the other hand, the hang glider really gives you the impression of having a pair of wings, while the paraglider is rather similar to a parachute.

Are you ready to “take off” with this thrilling experience?
You are welcome at the Tyrol Hotel!