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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking in South Tyrol

Nordic Walking

Thanks to its geological features, South Tyrol is suitable for many sports and exhilarating activities. Or it could be true the contrary: the peculiar structure of some areas could have stimulated the imagination of athletic people, who invented new exciting activities.

Nordic walking is one of the latest trends.
It is basically a walk in which two poles are used, which are very similar to ski poles. It’s exactly these poles that turn what would be a mere walk into a sport.
In fact, besides the alternate movements made by opposite arms and legs while walking, there is also the force exerted on the poles through one’s arms.

The coordination required for these movements involves muscles that aren’t usually used while walking.

In fact, the amount of energy consumed in Nordic walking is double compared to an ordinary walk.
It goes without saying that one must take quite large steps to enjoy the maximum benefits, because the larger the step, the more intense the muscle contraction and the larger the amount of energy consumed. In fact, the initial leap to take a step requires a bigger movement of one’s pelvis, torso and body in general.
As regards the pole, there’s a specific way to establish the suitable length: hold the top ends of the poles and lean one’s elbows until the poles are positioned vertically and one’s arm and forearm form a right angle.
Greater lengths result in a more intense activity, while shorter lengths result in a less intense work.

So, if you like this activity or you want to try or learn it, come and visit us at the Tyrol Hotel!
Our professional instructors will be glad to teach you and take you in the wonderful Dolomites, where you can also admire some of the most breathtaking sceneries of South Tyrol!