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Puez-Odle Nature Park

nature parks in the dolomites

Puez-Odle Nature Park

In the 21st century, city life is the norm in the geographical area we live in.
Impressive progress has revolutionised our lives, for better or for worse.
On the one hand, a great deal of opportunities and comforts are available, but on the other hand our lives have become more frantic, chaotic and stressful.
Is it surprising, then, that we feel powerful emotions when we admire the sunset, smell a fresh flower or see a butterfly soaring through the air?

We are so “contaminated” by urban life, that we can’t resist the lure of nature and it often happens that we choose our holiday destination driven by the desire to breathe fresh air, be surrounded by green expanses, explore unspoiled territories and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of tranquil places, away from the chaos.
Val Gardena offers all this!

The territory is truly magical, with lots of picturesque landscapes and spectacular places surrounded by unspoiled nature.

It’s not a coincidence that the region is one of the most appreciated by nature lovers.
There are countless activities you can do to be in contact with nature: excursions, nature trails, adventure trails
In this respect, don’t forget that our hotel is close to the Puez-Odle nature park! Save a bit of time to visit this spectacular attraction in the Dolomites!
It is a highly suggestive protected area and you can observe and be in contact with many animal and vegetal species.

The area extends over some 10196 hectares and gives you the possibility to meet marmots, chamois, eagles and fawns. You can also observe a lot of plants, even rare, such as the tufted horned rampion (which grows in the humid crevices of the rocks) or the blue gentian.
As suggested by the name, the park includes the imposing Puez-Odle massif, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.
Suggestive trails are available in the park, including the Adolf-Munkel and the Zennes, where you can make exciting excursions.
Since we are talking about holidays in the Dolomites, it’s no use to specify that the park is ideal to observe dolomitic rocks.

Don’t miss this excellent chance to discover the geological, biological and cultural treasures of the territory, also through guided tours.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Tyrol Hotel, a great place pervaded by an alpine atmosphere, where your collection of wonderful experiences will continue!