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Our Chef reinterpret the traditional Ladin cuisine

Ladin life and culture at the table

Ladin life and culture at the table

Modern life is so frantic that we seem to have no more time to devote to ourselves.
We are constantly busy, engrossed in our work, and we hardly manage to find the time to do the most ordinary activities… such as cooking!
Cooking has become a hobby!

It’s not a coincidence that fast food is becoming more and more popular… hot dogs, hamburgers and chips are quick solutions and they are apparently tasty.
But… what happened to traditions, authentic tastes, wholesome ingredients? Where are the dishes prepared with love, skilfulness and creativity?
We miss them and we have to go to the restaurant if we want to savour the taste our favourite dishes once again.

Well… our restaurant has exactly these missions: to keep traditions alive, to use fresh and seasonal ingredients, to enhance the natural taste of foods and avoid an excessive processing.

Our chef is a true artisan, an artist that turns raw materials into veritable works of art.

His tasty recipes can satisfy the palate of the greediest and most demanding guests.
And then… we all know that food entails a certain emotional involvement…
If we love specific foods, dishes and tastes, it’s because we relive our childhood and we remember the time when mama or nana prepared our favourite dishes just for us.
We feel pampered when we know that someone takes care of us and devotes his time to us, when we can’t find time for ourselves.

Discover the tradition of South Tyrol and enjoy a “tasty” experience in our restaurant!
The expert hands of our chef will delight your palate!