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Nature and creativity

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Nature and creativity

Have you ever felt a sense of astonishment in front of a breath-taking landscape?
It can happen when you watch the sunset, when you walk in a thick wood of secular trees, when you see the rainbow in the sky, when you enter a cave… or still when you admire the majesty of a mountain.
This last experience must be familiar to people who have spent their holidays in Val Gardena, one of the most inspiring holiday destinations in South Tyrol.
Being in contact with nature makes you feel intimately connected with the whole, you feel you are a part of it… you realise that the creativity of nature is boundless and extraordinary!
Well… it seems that such creativity can be literally “transmitted” to men!

That’s what some researchers at the Universities of Utah and of Kansas have proved through an experiment carried out with 56 people.
Participants were divided into eight groups and were sent in different mountain areas to spend 4 months, during which they could not use neither computers, nor mobiles, nor tablets… technology was banned!

The result was incredible! A sharp improvement in creative skills and problem solving was noticed and half of participants developed creative skills that were 50% above average.

Besides showing how technology can “pollute” our brain, the experiment is the nth proof that nature has a powerful impact on men and their creativity.

There is still another element that confirms this theory… maybe the most important of all…
In fact, the landlady Bibiana has spent the last few months writing a book to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Tyrol Hotel. No doubt, it will be an enjoyable read and we are certain that writing the book must have been a wonderful experience favoured by a peaceful setting, by the breathtaking landscapes of the Dolomites, by the pure air of the mountains and by all the fantastic anecdotes and adventures that have taken place at the Tyrol Hotel in these first 50 years of activity.

Wouldn’t you like to make your contribution to the history of our hotel?
Book your holidays in the Dolomites and spend unforgettable holidays in one of the most inspiring holiday destinations in South Tyrol.
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