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An exciting winter sport

Ice skating

ice skating in south tyrol

Ice skating

Have you ever tried to ice skating?
Gliding along as a result of the reduced friction gives you an incredible sense of freedom, so we strongly suggest you to try it!

The sport was invented in Sweden about 1,200 years ago. In fact, the first prototype ice skates were invented by the Vikings. They put bars made out of ox or reindeer bones under their shoes in order to move more quickly and smoothly over the ice. Obviously, the ‘technology’ was somewhat rudimentary and the friction, although reduced, was still greater than that of modern shoes. For this reason, it was still necessary to push oneself along with a stick.

From Scandinavia, the practice spread to all of Europe and even to our magnificent Dolomites. Above all, ice skating took root in the Netherlands (explaining the strong tradition the sport has in that country).
From there, it spread to the rest of the world … thanks to Prince James, the son of Charles I, who spent a period of exile in the Netherlands. He became passionate about the sport there, introducing it to the United Kingdom on his return.

Over time, what began as a way to move more smoothly on ice has become a real sport with a number of variations.

The best known is certainly figure skating, which can be done individually or in pairs. Athletes perform different movements or real choreography to the rhythm of music.
But there are many other equally popular variations, such as ice hockey.
However, the sport is so much fun that is it increasingly spreading in the form of free skating by amateurs who simply want to have some enjoyable leisure moments, perhaps in the company of friends. In many cities, there are special structures for ice skating, famously known as “ice rinks”.

In that regard, with its beautiful snow-capped mountains, the Val Gardena offers numerous possibilities to satisfy your yearning to ice skate!
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