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log cabins in the dolomites

Log Cabin Experience

If you were asked to list the elements that you think are typical of an Alpine landscape, what would you say? For example, have you ever spent your mountain holidays in South Tyrol? What have been, in your opinion, the most characteristic elements of the landscape?
We are sure that many lists would include also log cabins in the Dolomites.

These peculiar wooden buildings, typical of mountain areas, are simple, pretty, warm and cosy. Lately, they have assumed an increasingly important role for tourism and they have become a considerable part of the landscape.

In fact, log cabins can be also used as holiday accommodations, because they give guests the possibility to enjoy everything that mountain holidays can offer: fresh air, relaxation and tranquillity, sport activities, excursions…

The alpine territory is characterized by a wide variety of log cabins, so there is not an “absolute” model that prevails on others. The only differences concern the construction material (wood or stone), the number and the size of rooms or the fact that the dwelling is fixed or temporary.

Only one aspect is common: log cabins are traditionally used for the alpine transhumance, that is to say the transfer of livestock to higher heights in the transition period between spring and summer, so that the animals can breathe fresher air and avoid the negative effect of too hot temperatures. As regards cows, not only pasture, but also milking takes place during the transhumance, which makes it possible to produce different types of cheese, a typical product that both locals and tourists love.

Since the history and the style of these buildings enchant tourists, log cabins are today used as holiday accommodations and have all comforts.

Also the Tyrol Hotel can make you live an unforgettable experience in one of the traditional log cabins in the Dolomites, on the Juac Alp. It is a special opportunity to spend a fantastic day in the mountains, enjoy excursions in wonderful meadows with breath-taking views and have a picnic to taste speck, cheese, homemade grappa and many other typical products.
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