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Our massage service

hotel with massage service in south tyrol

Our massage service

Besides the natural and scenic beauty, the Dolomites give tourists lots of opportunities to live exciting experiences: excursions, sports, strolls…
All these activities are amazing and allow you to live unforgettable moments, but they also require physical work, so you might feel pleasantly tired at the end of the day.

Our hotel with massage service in South Tyrol allows guests to spend relaxing moments and makes their holidays in the Dolomites even more magical. Several treatments are available, aimed at relieving possible tensions caused by sports and activities and giving your body new energy.

In particular, we suggest that you try a special treatment in which the local tradition draws inspiration from the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. It is an enjoyable massage in which the masseur makes use of small cotton bags that are warm and contain precious mountain herbs and spices. While Indian herbs are used in the original massage, the other countries use the herbs available in their territory.

In Italy, this treatment is particularly spread in South Tyrol, where local mountain herbs are used together with a few spices. Depending on the benefits that one wants to obtain, a specific herb is used with specific therapeutic properties.

The bag is usually made of silk, cotton or any other soft fabric, in order to avoid excessive friction with the skin during the massage.

The treatment starts with a bath in essential oils, followed by a massage in which the small bags are soaked with oils and rubbed on specific areas of the body, so that the herbs release the therapeutic principles, the body benefits from heat and the skin pores open (allowing the substances to be absorbed in the optimum way).
It is a really enjoyable massage that relaxes muscles and has anti-inflammatory, soothing and analgesic effects. Moreover, the slight friction facilitates the expulsion of toxins from the skin.
Camomile, mallow, linden, rosemary, lavender, calendula and hawthorn are the most used herbs.

What are you waiting for?! Book a dreamy stay in our hotel with massage service in South Tyrol! Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday and let yourself be pampered by the skilful hands of our personnel.