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Honey of South Tyrol

honey from south tyrol

Honey of South Tyrol

Would you ever have thought that South Tyrol produces honey of excellent quality?
A real gift of nature, a product that is healthy, without additives and full of precious nutrients.

As we all know, flowers represent the main source of nourishment for bees and different kinds of flowers grow in the unspoiled nature of the region, full of meadows and woods.

In South Tyrol there are some 2400 honeybee colonies, for a total of about 600000 bees. Thanks to the passion and to the experience of 120 apiarists we can enjoy a luscious product, whose taste is unmistakable. Considering that each colony can produce up to 15 kg of honey per year, you can imagine the huge amounts of honey produced every year in South Tyrol.

Wildflower honey, rhododendron honey, dandelion honey and forest honey are the most widespread varieties in the region.

The main feature of these products is the low amount of water they contain, which results in a higher concentration of their components. Of course, this contributes to a richer taste.

For a comprehensive description, it has to be said that also royal jelly and propolis are precious substances produced from bees.

But let’s go back to our honey. Since it is natural and not much refined, the sweets and the cakes prepared with honey remain fresh for longer. The trick is to cook them over moderate heat, because the aroma of honey is very sensitive to high temperatures.
Still for the same reason, it is recommended that you keep these foods in fresh places and away from heat sources.

No need to say that you can use honey as a substitute for sugar (1 teaspoon = 1.5 teaspoons of sugar) or to accompany cheeses.

In short, South Tyrol always enchants its visitors with its gastronomic delights.
We would be glad to welcome you to the Tyrol Hotel, where you can enjoy unforgettable moments in a magical atmosphere.