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Trains and history

historical events of val gardena

Trains and history

This summer, Val Gardena puts at its visitors’ disposal a means that is perfect to make a journey through its history…
This is not a metaphor: we are talking about what the locals call “Trenino della Val Gardena” (“the small train of Val Gardena”).
It was a means of transport created in 1916 to carry war materials from Chiusa to Plan.
It took about 6 months and 6000 Russian soldiers (war prisoners) to build the whole railroad.

Throughout August, the municipal library “Tresl Gruber” in S. Cristina will host a photo exhibition to celebrate the 100 years of the railway line.

Moreover, if you love walking you can follow a scenic trail that goes from S. Cristina to Ortisei (about 3,5 km) and that corresponds to a stretch of the ancient railroad.
Along the trail, you will also find wooden signs containing historical information and photos.

Don’t miss the chance of discovering the history of Val Gardena!
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