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The healthful Dolomites…

health benefits of mountains

The healthful Dolomites…

The landscapes of Val Gardena are dominated by the amazing Dolomites, which attract every year lots of curious visitors and mountain lovers.
The choice of holiday destinations depends on the character of a traveller and it’s not difficult to realise that sea lovers, say, have a different personality from those who prefer mountains or the countryside.
It has also been proven that each of these environments brings specific benefits to both our body and psyche.
The health benefits of mountains are due to altitude, for different reasons.

For example, mountains are perfect to relieve stress and are suitable for any age, so they are ideal for family holidays. Valleys are wide and slopes are gentle: the landscape is perfect for hikes, bike tours and other enjoyable and relaxing activities.
On the hottest summer days, you can grasp the opportunity to explore forests and pinewoods and enjoy the shadow of their trees.

Mountains are definitely recommended if you wish to detox your body (thanks to the pure air) and your mind.
The environment is excellent for those who want to revive self-confidence or lift their mood, in particular through all the activities that rouse the sense of adventure, exploration and orientation.
The natural environment allows us to recover the contact with nature, which is fundamental to our psycho-physical balance and which we often disregard because of the urban lifestyle we are used to.

Walking, picking up blueberries and observing pastures is a sort of recipe for happiness!

No need to say that each mountain landscape is characterised by a certain altitude.
The more you go up, the “finer” the air, the lower the temperatures and the stronger the sunrays.
Indeed, it seems that the highest altitudes stimulate the production of bone marrow and increase attention and concentration.
Fun is guaranteed for everybody! Besides the activities that are family-tailored, exciting experiences are available for the more athletic and reckless: you are spoiled of choice!

So, don’t waste further time and book your mountain holidays now! Treat yourself to special moments of wellbeing!
We look forward to meeting you!