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health benefits of hydromassage


There are thousands of occasions to relax on holiday.
Aside from exploring the surrounding area and enjoying that which the chosen destination has to offer (walks in the countryside, tanning by the sea, the culture of the big cities or winter sports in the mountains), there are many other occasions to make you feel really rejuvenated.

The spa, which you can also find at our hotel in South Tyrol, offers numerous examples.
One of the most popular treatments is definitely the hydro-massage.
Without doubt!
In fact, aside from the extremely relaxing sensation, the hydro-massage also brings numerous benefits on a physical level since it simultaneously exploits the principles of both hydrotherapy and massage.
It is not by chance that thermal baths (and by extension water treatments) were very popular even in Roman times for relaxing and staying in good health.

Among the main benefits are the increase in blood pressure, which results in a greater flow of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissue, and the improvement in blood circulation owing to the temperature of the water, which should be around 37°C.
In addition, the water pressure facilitates the drainage of fluid.
The pressure of the jet can also be varied according to the desired effects.

In general, however, the pressure should be moderate and the temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.

To maximise the effects of the hydro-massage, it is advisable to scrub your skin before treatment in order to eliminate all the dead skin cells.
Hydro-massage is the perfect way to relax at any time of the day, but it brings the greatest benefit in the evening, perhaps when also using essential oils to enable a deeper sense of relaxation.

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