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Freestyle skiing

freestyle skiing in val gardena

Freestyle skiing

If you choose to spend your holidays in the Dolomites, you are tacitly expressing your love for snow-clad landscapes, fresh and pure air, but also exciting sports.
However, not everybody is satisfied with traditional sports such as skiing, mountaineering or climbing… especially the youngest and more dynamic!

So, new disciplines have taken shape in time, which are more reckless and “acrobatic”: freestyle snowboarding and skiing.
But… what are the possible reasons and the steps that led to the birth of these sports?
Of course, all sports have a common basis: the desire to feel free, to go beyond limits and to challenge nature…

Through surf, for example, the man realised the desire to challenge enormous waves and ride them while trying to stay balanced on a board. The emotions were so intense that in the 60s skateboards started spreading, which made it possible to experience the same thrill in the streets.
But the most reckless must have thought that using the skateboard to simply dart across the streets was too boring, so they started performing extraordinary acrobatics and breath-taking jumps, giving birth to freestyle.
The skateboard provided the inspiration to play a similar sport on the snow, through the snowboard. Also in this case, the boldest decided to add “a pinch of pepper” to this sport, which led to the birth of freestyle snowboarding. Afterwards, also freestyle skiing was born, which can be played using specific skis (twin-tip skis) that allow amazing acrobatics.

You must be wondering why we chose this topic for a post. The answer is simple.
On the 21st of March 2016, “The big freestyle show” will take place in Val Gardena, an event that freestyle lovers cannot miss. The event will start at 9:30 pm at the Frëina slope. You will have the possibility to admire the skills of unfettered athletes who will perform their “tricks” by using natural elements, but also physical elements arranged on purpose (railings, platforms, steps…)

Between a jump and the other, you can sip excellent mulled wine, to further warm up the atmosphere.

Moreover, if you don’t want this fantastic experience to stop, you can continue your adventure in the snow-clad landscapes at the Tyrol Hotel, our 4-star hotel in the Dolomites! Come visit us!