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Excursions in South Tyrol

excursions in south tyrol

Excursions in South Tyrol

Val Gardena is a land full of marvels, an oasis of peace and beauty that offers fabulous landscapes and enchanting views.
The charm of the Dolomites and its massifs and the surreal atmosphere make these places one of the favourite destinations for those who love mountain holidays.

The magic of Val Gardena really bewitches everybody: it’s like living in a fairy tale, among lakes, woods and castles.

Certainly because of this atmosphere, there exist countless legends that explain and describe the nature of the dolomitic landscapes.
Have you ever wondered, for example, why the dolomites are referred to as the “Pale Mountains”?
According to the legend, the Dolomites were originally dark. The prince of the kingdom married the daughter of the Moon. But she missed her birthplace, so the prince asked the Salvans (wise creatures who guarded the secrets of nature) to cover the mountains with a veil woven with the moonbeams: that’s why the Dolomites started to shine brightly.

Instead, if you hear a lovely song during an excursion in the Langkofel Group, it could be the princess who had the power to become a nightingale and used to sing for her beloved prince. However, after the prince died, the princess could no longer become a girl again (because of a curse), so she was destined to wander in the woods forever, becoming the “nightingale of Langkofel”.
Another legend explains the peculiar shape of the Fünffingerspitze peak (the peak of the “Five Fingertips”).
It is said that once upon a time a giant called Langkofel used to steal from fields and henhouses and shift the blame on to the other animals. The other giants learned the truth, but Langkofel denied the accusation, so they decided to punish him and made him sink into the ground.
Of the whole body, only his open hand emerged from the bowels of the Earth. You can see it in the Langkofel Group and its name is Fünffingerspitze.

With its 3181 meters of height, Langkofel is the highest peak in the Group and it is considered to be the symbol of Val Gardena.
That’s why there are so many stories about it.
It also represents a very important place for the history of mountaineering, as well as an ideal destination for ski lovers.
As a matter of fact, diverse ski races take place every year at its foot.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your holidays in the Dolomites at the Tyrol Hotel and grab your chance to explore this magical, charming world.