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Events in Val Gardena

events in val gardena

Events in Val Gardena

The inhabitants of Val Gardena are certainly accustomed to seeing houses and streets covered with snow, but when the magic of Christmas starts to spread, everything becomes more thrilling, even for them!
The atmosphere fills with emotions and emotions stimulate creativity, especially for the people of Val Gardena, renowned and appreciated for their spectacular wooden sculptures.
And when it comes to art, every material can be use to create works… even the snow!
As a matter of fact, Selva Gardena has hosted for 19 years, in December, a contest of sculptures created with snow and ice.

An original and exciting event, where the contestants arm themselves with saw and barbed wire, give vent to their creative energy and carve wonderful works out of huge snow cubes.

This year the contest will take place from 28 to 31 December, as always on the lawn in front of the town hall of Selva Gardena.
As in the last edition, the contestants must create sculptures relevant to a specific theme, which this year is “The Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site”.
The participants are usually selected in autumn: the candidates submit to a jury two wooden models of the sculptures they are going to create. Only the best will have the possibility to be sculpted in the snow. The participants are often local artists; they have 3 days to accomplish the work and the temperatures must be obviously below zero.
At the end of the competition, the most beautiful sculptures are judged by the spectators and awarded. They will stay on display until the sun melts them down completely. Meanwhile, they represent a true attraction that makes the landscapes of Val Gardena even more magical, especially in the evening, when the light of the streets creates suggestive effects.
This event gives the local people the opportunity to express their passion for hospitality and underline the important role that sculpture plays in the Ladin culture.
Grab the chance to enjoy this exciting art event and experience the alpine atmosphere!
This experience will be even more special if you come visit us at the Tyrol Hotel for an unforgettable holiday among relaxation, tradition and culinary delights.