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Easter in South Tyrol

easter in south tyrol

Easter in South Tyrol

Easter is getting closer and all the Italian regions are preparing everything to celebrate this joyful day based on their own traditions.
South Tyrol – which gives great importance to traditions – will certainly follow each of them!

The celebrations will start on Palm Sunday.
If you are in South Tyrol on this day, we suggest that you don’t wake up too late, because every family has a funny tradition: they confer the title of “Donkey of Palm Sunday” on the sleepyhead in question. Moreover, there is the custom of creating bunches of olive branches, flowers and decorated eggs. These bunches are then burnt in church, as a propitiatory rite to avoid bad weather and catastrophes.

The day of Holy Thursday (which locals also call “green Thursday”) people colour and decorate Easter eggs, while the day after, the Good Friday, they visit the different churches of their towns, which pay homage to the holy sepulchre.
On Saturday they go to church to have the baskets full of the delicacies that are consumed at Easter blessed.
Instead, children are eager to discover if the “Easter bunny” has hidden a basket full of chocolate eggs, candies and other sweets for them.
As regards the lunch, the table never lacks decorated hard-boiled eggs, speck and ham, usually accompanied by asparagus, Bolzano sauce and horseradish sauce.

Easter bread is another typical food - prepared with wheat flour and flavoured with anise – whose surface is decorated with a star obtained by making small holes with the teeth of a fork or a specific comb.

Finally, the weirdest customs include the “pecken” or “guffen”, a game in which two players challenge each other. Each of them holds an egg and makes it bump against the egg of the other. The player who breaks his egg first loses.
So, there are so many things to discover, live and savour for your Easter in South Tyrol!
We would be happy to welcome you to our 4-star hotel and give you a unique experience among local traditions in the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites.