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The golden eagle and the wonderful

Dolomitic landscape

eagle watching in the dolomites

Dolomitic landscape

The reasons to spend holidays in South Tyrol are really countless.
The charm of the Dolomites and the wonderful landscapes is certainly hard to resist, but also the history and the tradition of this wonderful region have a considerable merit, since they capture the attention of visitors, who are eager to learn and experience the habits and customs of these people who are extremely cordial and welcoming.

That’s exactly what we want to give to our guests: a chance to explore our territory and a reason to fall in love with these places.

Our logo provides a clue that reveals the importance we attribute to our origins, our land and our history: the golden eagle (“Adler” for the locals), which has several meanings.
First of all, it’s a symbol that appears on the flag of South Tyrol, which illustrates two red eagles (the Tyrolean eagles, representing the autonomous province of Bolzano) and two black eagles (the eagles of St. Wenceslas, representing the autonomous province of Trent).
A symbol, then, through which we want to express the pride to be Tyrolean.
It’s hard to explain why the eagle was often chosen to be represented on coats of arms.
In a period when the struggles for power were the order of the day, this symbol might have been used to invoke protection, good luck and victory.
In fact, because of its qualities and the ability to fly at stratospheric heights, the eagle represents the light, the clarity and the power of the sun and not by chance is it considered to be the king of birds.
Moreover, its contraposition to the snake, which insidiously slithers on the ground, also symbolises the victory, the good that defeats the evil.
It may also be that the reason why the eagle often recurs in the symbology of our territory lies in the fact that the local fauna, especially in the Dolomites, is rich in specimens and it is not difficult to sight them.
We chose the eagle, then, also to express the love for the nature and the landscapes that characterise our land.
For all these reasons, the Tyrol Hotel gives you the possibility to observe and know these wonderful birds of prey, either thanks to its proximity to the Puez-Odle Nature Park or thanks to the “Tyrol Experience” offer, which includes a guided snowshoe hike to discover the eagles.
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