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Cheeses of South Tyrol

Cheeses of South Tyrol

Cheeses of South Tyrol

Among the countless surprises that South Tyrol has in store for its visitors, the gastronomic ones certainly occupy one of the first places.
The fresh air and the unspoiled nature in the Dolomites guarantee the excellence of raw materials.
In fact, only local ingredients are used to prepare the typical mouth-watering food products that we all love.
Particular attention has to be paid to the dairy products.

Everybody knows that the milk produced in South Tyrol is so excellent that they call it “the white gold of the Alps”. There’s even a quality mark – Südtirol/Alto Adige – which ensures that specific standards are met, including the absence of GMOs.

But… how can it be that, even if cheeses are all prepared with milk, every region has its own specialties, with characteristics and savours that are different and specific?
It depends on the fact that, in order to age properly, each cheese needs specific conditions, such as a certain temperature and a certain level of humidity.
Of course, every kind of environment can be reproduced artificially anywhere, today, but things were different in the past.

That’s why cheeses, just like many other food products, have become a sort of “fingerprint” for the different regions.

So… should you decide to spend your mountain holidays here, taste the typical cheeses of South Tyrol! It’s a “delicious” way to discover the local tradition.
Here are some suggestions:

  • The Graukäse. The name means “grey cheese” and has been chosen because of its particular colour. It is prepared with the milk that remains after the butter production process It contains a small amount of fats and has a rich taste, because of the non-use of rennet during the processing. It became a Slow Food Presidium in 2005.
  • The Bärenbart BIO, made with goat milk, soft and buttery, with a slightly acidulous flavour and a strong aroma of mountain herbs.
  • The Steiner, produced with cow milk. It has a spicy odour and a delicate flavour that recalls milk cream.
  • The Golden Gel, with a buttery texture and a sweet, but strong, spicy flavour. The aroma recalls honey and dried fruits.
  • The Latemar, a hard cheese with an interesting sweet/savoury contrast and an aroma that recalls melted butter, ripe fruits and caramel.

You see? South Tyrol can fulfil all kinds of needs, even those of the greediest guests! Spend “delicious” holidays in Val Gardena!
We would be glad to offer you an unforgettable experience!