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Carnival in the Dolomites


Carnival in the Dolomites

The people of Val Gardena is sunny, joyful, always smiling and always willing to celebrate and enjoy life.
That’s why Val Gardena is full of exciting events.

Even if Christmas holidays have just finished, the festive spirit of the locals is already waiting for the next occasion to celebrate: carnival.

Carnival was originally born as a religious feast to consume the last substantial meal before Lent (precisely in the day of the Fat Tuesday), while today it represents a moment of amusement, tradition, art, joke and satire in which everyone can become who or what he/she wants.
Val Gardena proposes an agenda packed with appointments to entertain citizens and visitors: parades, torchlight processions and magic shows…
The events will start in the day that the locals call “Juebia Grassa”, which means Fat Thursday.
In this day, by tradition, the people of Val Gardena usually consume the “Panicia”, a barley soup with Tyrolean Speck and smoked pork loin.

In ancient times, the preparation of this dish was accompanied by a frequent joke made by the little boys, who tried to enter the neighbours’ houses to replace the pot containing the soup with another pot full of water, in which they had put a worn-out shoe.

Well yes: the three “gems” of Val Gardena will start celebrating in the day of the Fat Thursday.

Carnival parades will take place and the most beautiful and original will be awarded prizes.

If you love skiing and winter sports, then you can’t miss the breathtaking acrobatic jumps performed by the members of the Ski & Snowboard School of Selva Gardena.
After the show, the instructor will explain the main ski techniques.
Children can have their faces painted by clowns or makeup artists and they can watch magic shows to live the carnival atmosphere and have a lot of fun.
You can participate in masked ice-skating events on a rink enlivened by good music and colourful lights.
Many goodies are available to get back your energy: doughnuts filled with jam, tea and mulled wine.

You will live exciting moments in Val Gardena and you will have a lot of fun!
It is the perfect chance for you and your family to spend an unforgettable holiday in a dream location.
We would be happy to welcome you to the Tyrol Hotel, to offer you an exclusive service and give you the possibility to experience the alpine lifestyle.