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The edelweiss

alpine flowers in the dolomites

The edelweiss

Among the marvels you can admire in Val Gardena, there is a very beautiful flower: the edelweiss*.
Since it grows on the slopes of the mountains, this flower is quite rare to find, which gives it a magical aura.

It’s not surprising that there are many fanciful tales that try to explain how the flower was born.
We want to narrate those that we think are most romantic.

The first is about a man who lived in the Alps and who had a daughter called Stella, who was small and frail. The little girl had blond hair, blue eyes and a pale skin. Her father saw her as a delicate flower to protect. In fact, he always feared that the little girl would not be able to tolerate the freezing cold of the mountains. In fact, one day, he noticed that her cheeks were scarlet… After three days, the little girl passed away.
Desperate and sorrowful, the man started to go on top of the mountain every day. Once there, he stared at the sky and called his daughter’s name, dripping tears onto the snow.
The morning after, beautiful flowers would appear in the point where the tears of the man had dropped… they had the same shape as stars and they seemed made of snow…

The other tale is about a mountain that felt extremely lonely and cried all the time for this.
Beeches, firs and oaks couldn’t do anything, because they were fixed to the ground. Even the stars in the sky could hear its moans… one of them decided to descend next to the mountain and keep it company. But the star didn’t expect that place to be so cold. So the mountain, grateful for such a gesture of friendliness, decided to wrap it in soft white petals and hold onto it providing it with deep roots. At the break of dawn, a new flower was born in the point where the star had fallen asleep: it was the edelweiss.

These fanciful stories are clear proofs of the deep emotions that you can feel in front of the wonderful Dolomites.

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*in order to fully understand the sense of this post, please note that the Italian name of this flower, “stella alpina”, literally means “Alpine star”. That’s why the tales you are going to read both talk about stars.