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Music events

Music events

There are so many elements that contribute to making holidays in South Tyrol authentic and unforgettable! Landscapes, traditions, food and the unmistakable style of buildings are only some examples. But also music is a part of the regional culture and contributes to creating the “soundtrack” of your stay!

As it happens for every region, the folk music of South Tyrol is the result of different factors: geographical position, historical events and the cheerful, festive character of the people.
The folk songs of South Tyrol were born as a form of entertainment within families, when the absence of TV and modern technologies made it necessary to find simple ways to spend enjoyable moments.
That’s how the first songs were born: joyful melodies sung by three or more people with a frenzied rhythm made with tambourines.
The tradition is very ancient and, still today, you just have to walk through the valleys to see bands of musicians wearing the typical Tyrolean costume.

All children can play a musical instrument and hope they will join the town band, one day.

So, the people of South Tyrol love music, because they find it is a good way to express their cheerfulness and their zest for life. That’s why you can take part in lots of big music events in South Tyrol! There is room for every musical genre, not only for folk music!

In fact, from the 24th of June to the 3rd of July the South Tyrol Jazz Festival will take place.
International artists will perform in the streets and in the squares of Bolzano and the surroundings for the 34th edition of this prestigious festival.
It’s the biggest in Europe: jazz lovers can’t miss such an important event!
It’s also a good pretext to enjoy a few more days of rest and relaxation.

If you wish, you can explore the wonderful Dolomites and the breathtaking territories of South Tyrol, including Val Gardena (where our 4-star hotel is situated).
While good music will delight your ears, the enchanting sceneries of Selva Gardena will delight your eyes!
Come and visit us! We are looking forward to welcoming you!